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Is there Bishul Akum when using a microwave, considering that it is not cooking as it was in the times of Chazal?

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It's debated by contemporary poskim (and can come up in many dairy restaurants that use a microwave to make eggs). From what I've heard (a friend of mine spoke to the OU's Rabbi Genack, who asked RSZ"A, if I recall correctly), R' Shlomo Zalman Auerbach held it was a problem (though he does not consider the microwave to be cooking vis-a-vis shabbos). My impression is that many American poskim are lenient.

Here's Rabbi Jachter stating similarly.

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in ialcut iosef shabat he brings that microwave is safek if it considered bishul. In practive we should be stringent. in regards shabat it means that something prepared using a microwave could not be reheated in a plata because it is safek that it is already cooked. while I personally understood the halacha that we posek lehumra maybe you could assume that it is safek miderabanan lecula. but this is rather bediavad and not lechatehila.

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