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Mikshah tefillin are tefillin battim which have no filler material in the titurah (base). Why is filler material even necessary?

The photo below illustrates the thickness with a piece of filler (roughly a third of the titurah).non-mikshah bayit

Photos credit of R' Melech Michaels

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I don't have an answer for your question about filler material but I have to ask, are you asking because you are considering buying from this website? You should not buy tefillin from this website. Tefillin are meant to be black. Anyone who is selling you white tefillin is selling you invalid tefllin. –  Dude Jul 3 at 1:56
@Dude, white means that it has not been pre-painted. It is painted by the sofer after a careful inspection for any imperfections. This is why they are white, so that the sofer can find out whether they are mehudar or passul, rather than just relying on the (already trustworthy) hechsher. –  Noach mi Frankfurt Jul 3 at 3:00
Not entirely clear on what "filler" is....mind commenting/editing your answer to explain more? –  Shokhet Jul 3 at 3:02
@Shokhet On tefillin.co.il, they describe it under the description of chumrot. tefillin.co.il/english/help/help.html#miksheh –  Noach mi Frankfurt Jul 3 at 14:15
@NoachmiFrankfurt, that link explains it all. "If the leather is not very thick, as is the case with most Tefillin, when folded completely there will not be room for the straps to pass through". What is your question? –  Yishai Jul 3 at 14:31

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