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In some shuls it says on the ark, "Da Lifnei Mi Atah Omeid." Is there any source from which that comes?

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Where the words come from or where the custom to put them on the ark comes from? – Shokhet Jun 30 '14 at 23:45

Its from Masheches Brachos 28b which brings a braisah which discusses a story when Rabbi Eliezer became sick his talmidim asked him how does one merit olam haba ,He answered a few things and ends of off with the phrase when you pray know who you are standing before.

Rashi explains: דעו לפני מי וכו' - כדי שתתפללו ביראה ובכוונה.

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The words apparently appear in a number of places. This site sources them, in the plural, to the talmud, Brachot 28b.

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