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Is there anything wrong with having the third meal on Friday night instead of the following day (i.e. two on friday night and one the next day)? Is one still yotzei 3 Seudos?

This would be especially useful in the winter months where Shabbos ends quite early.

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Similarly, what about loading all 3 on the morning, or some other irregular combination of time slots and meals? – WAF Nov 22 '10 at 3:36
@WAF Indeed, although wouldn't that would imply some sort of fasting? – yydl Nov 22 '10 at 3:38
I have seen a very respected posek washing by Kiddush after an early minyan and then having his second day meal later at home as his seuda shlishis but the best scenario this time of year is to daven early and eat the first meal early, then you will have some appetite for seuda shlishis closer to sundown. If you can't, then I refer you to what I saw this posek do. (I asked him about it) – Yahu Nov 22 '10 at 3:55
I think you mean the second meal on Friday night. – Double AA Dec 19 '11 at 19:43
@DoubleAA I guess there are two ways to look at it. Yes, the second meal, but the third in the context of the entire Shabbos obligation. – yydl Dec 19 '11 at 20:22

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Seudah Shlishis has a specific time it should be done, which is roughly Shabbos afternoon (preferably after praying Mincha, but can even be eaten after the time for Mincha has arrived.) See Shulhan Aruch, 291, 2. The SA in OC 289 has a whole section on the laws of the Shabbos morning meal. The fact that the rule of Kiddush Bimakom Seudah still applies for this seudah clearly indicates a time frame for the day meal on Shabbos as being in the morning. I do not see how one is to avoid the obligation of two seudos on the day of Shabbos, lechatehilah.

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I wonder: if you don't eat anything in the morning, is there still a chiyuv kiddush in the afternoon? – Double AA Jun 1 '12 at 9:35
@DoubleAA, it seems obvious that if one's first meal after davening on Shabbat day is in the afternoon, kiddush would still be required. There are yom tov days where davening often lets out after chatzot, but kiddush happens anyway. – Ze'ev Felsen Mar 11 at 6:14
@Ze'evFelsen It doesn't seem obvious to me at all. People saying hagefen out of habit is no proof, especially if those people are sinning already by fasting past chatzot. – Double AA Mar 11 at 6:25
@DoubleAA, why do you assume they are sinning rather than that they had water before Shacharit? Do you think Rosh Hashana Kiddush is sheerly out of habit? I have never heard that one MUST have Kiddush before chatzot or Kiddush cannot be said. – Ze'ev Felsen Mar 12 at 13:50
@Ze'ev I didn't assume anyone sins! Note not everyone davens till past Chaztot on Rosh HaShana. The "daytime-Kiddush" can be said on a Tuesday (it's just hagafen over wine) so no one will ever tell you it cannot be said. – Double AA Mar 12 at 13:52

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