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I have two questions.

1. Is it permitted for a Jew to produce electronic dance music (no lyrics), which is usually played at clubs etc. where women and men will dance together (no gender separation but those "clubbers" are usually gentiles)?

2. Is it permitted for a Jew to perform (ie. play the music / be a dj) in such places?

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Irving Berlin could ask a similar question. –  Clint Eastwood Jun 26 at 13:17
I can't see a problem with #1. There are discussions about the type of music Jews SHOULD Listen to, and, similarly, the types of music Jews SHOULD produce, but from what I recall they are "suggestions" vs. halacha. (For many years, Shlomo Carlebach music could not be sung or played at weddings!) For #2 - how would being a DJ at a mixed dance affair be any different than being a regular guest? You are physically there! –  DanF Jun 26 at 14:08
@Clint Eastwood - so would De-Scribe myspace.com/describemusic –  Gary Jun 26 at 14:12
@DanF It differs because the DJ is there for parnassa –  Charles Koppelman Jun 26 at 14:16
DanF. Perhaps you know, vinyl is making a comeback, especially in the UK. Projekt (sp?), Rega, VPI, etc. are all still producing brand new turntables. Prices range from $300 or so to tens-of-thousands. So don't feel "bad" about listening to White Album in vinyl. Digital never did nor ever will sound as good as vinyl! Shabbat Shalom DanF. –  JJLL Jun 27 at 20:27

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