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Recently it was publicized that certain lots of Children's Tylenol contain a non-kosher form of glycerin, and therefore should not be used in non-urgent situations. Does anyone have information about the status of liquid Advil and Motrin?

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Here's the warning you are talking about: http://www.star-k.org/alerts/alerts-OCTOBER2010.htm

It seems that it only affects the Tylenol version that's produced in Canada. However, it's best that you contact the Star-K for further information: http://www.star-k.org/cons-abou-contact.htm

If you do get further information, please come back here and post it so that others can see it in the future.

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I just called Star-K, and they said that liquid Motrin is OK, but liquid Advil has problematic ingredients (glycerin, poly-80). They also said that if I need to use the Advil, I should do bittul by mixing it in 2 oz. of water per teaspoon.

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