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Who knows one hundred thirty?

Please cite/link your sources, if possible. At some point at least twenty-four hours from now, I will:

  • Upvote all interesting answers.

  • Accept the best answer.

  • Go on to the next number.

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There are 130 words in the section of the Torah that discusses the offerings that a Nazirite brings when his term of Naziriteship expires (Num. 6:13-20). When the leader of the Tribe of Dan brought, among his gifts at the dedication of the Mishkan, a silver bowl weighing 130 shekels, this was what he intended to symbolize.

(Bamidbar Rabbah 14:21)

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Adam when he begat Sheis

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The weight in silver of each plate brought by the nesiim at the chanukas hamishkan

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Yaakov when he came in front of Paroah

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According to the midrash that Yocheved was born as the bnei Yisrael entered Mitzrayim (bein hachomos, Yocheved was 130 when she gave birth to Moshe (210 years in Mitzrayim - 80 years of Moshe when they went out)

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According to Rashi, Yitzchak waited 3 years to marry Rivka who was born, acc. to Rashi, at the time of Sara's death, putting the marriage 130 years after Sara's birth.

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The Psalm chapter that is said after Yistabah in Aseret Ymei Tshuv

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Nusach Sefard,,, – Gershon Gold Nov 22 '10 at 17:29
Leac, Welcome to mi.yodeya, and thanks very much for your contribution to the Mi.yodeya Series! I look forward to seeing you around. – Isaac Moses Nov 23 '10 at 4:13
Thank you, me too :-) – Lea Cohen Nov 23 '10 at 17:04

Y'hoyada the kohen gadol lived 130 years (I Divre Hayamim 24:15).

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Number of words in בריך שמיה (Sort of Tikun for the 130 of Adam)

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