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If one gives Tzedaka through a will -- so it is meant to be given after death -- does that person get the Mitzvah of Tzedaka?

The reason I would think "no" is because it is difficult to understand how someone can get a Mitzvah after death, and what exactly that would mean. Mitzvos are meant to be done in this world.

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Machashava tova hakadosh baruch hu m'tzar'fah lamaase, perhaps? ¶ I seem to recall that one way to get around the Torah's estate laws is to give away one's possessions an hour before death. If that's done, I assume the mitzva would count fully. –  msh210 Jun 22 at 5:11
@msh210 1. I've heard of that concept but I don't really understand it (btw, what's the source?): If I think I'm wearing kosher tefillin and it's pasul, then I don't get the Mitzvah. 2. Yes of course, but the question is if it works after death. –  user6618 Jun 22 at 5:38

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