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Assuming the view that Avraham was not a Jew (see here and here1), "ha-nefesh asher asu beCharan" (Gen. 12:5) that Rashi explains were converts, what did they convert to?

To give credit where credit is due; my question was inspired by this one.
1 I'm using these as sources until I find better ones....if you can help me with this please comment!

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Noahidism or monotheism – Matt Jun 20 '14 at 21:14
this gives some perspective of what he did at first chabad.org/global/popup/default_cdo/aid/2615/jewish/… probably more to it though, he also had a yeshiva where he taught torah – Gizbar Jun 24 '14 at 17:38

The most main stream view that I know of is that they converted to "Hebrew" Monotheism, because Avrahom was a Hebrew.

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What do you mean avraham converted to hebrew i dont see any related hebrew as a relidlgion – Yamin Jun 15 at 14:54
Noachide "religion" with many other aspects of what would come to be Judaism, i.e. Bentching, morning prayers etc.,. – Avishai EliYahu Jun 16 at 14:48

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