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Do any early commentators from the geonim or rishonim periods cite any teachings from Philo Judeas by name?

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You may want to see Naomi Cohen's article in the Summer 2011 edition of Tradition. –  Double AA Jun 9 at 17:39
how do i find that? –  user5092 Jun 9 at 18:13
It's a pretty well-known published journal. Maybe your local library has it? –  Double AA Jun 9 at 18:20
@deja-jew The article is here, but has to be paid for....try your library (DoubleAA) or shul (mine has it) –  Shokhet Jun 9 at 18:38
Your title and question seem inconsistent. Are you interested in his ideas being adopted (which implies agreement, using his ideas) or citation by name (which does not necessitate agreement)? –  YeZ Jun 10 at 18:59

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