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Do any early commentators from the geonim or rishonim periods cite any teachings from Philo Judeas by name?

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You may want to see Naomi Cohen's article in the Summer 2011 edition of Tradition. traditionarchive.org/news/_pdfs/0009-0018.pdf –  Double AA Jun 9 '14 at 17:39
Your title and question seem inconsistent. Are you interested in his ideas being adopted (which implies agreement, using his ideas) or citation by name (which does not necessitate agreement)? –  YeZ Jun 10 '14 at 18:59

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If you are interested the Meor Einayim, an early Acharon quotes him.

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From wiki. Joseph Caro commissioned Elisha Gallico to draw up a decree to be distributed among all Jews, ordering that the "Me'or 'Enayim" be burned. But, Joseph Caro dying before it was ready for him to sign, the decree was not promulgated, and the rabbis of Mantua contented themselves with forbidding the reading of the work by Jews under twenty-five years of age. Just sayin. Not sure if he gets to be called an Achron. Spinoza wasn't an Achron either! –  user6591 Feb 10 at 1:23
I know, I know. In fact I made the exact same point here (in the comments). Nevertheless the Sdei Chemed has a lengthy discussion of the many authorities who quote the Meor Einayim to show that it was accepted and even suggests that the fact that the cherem wasnt signed was a sign from heaven. R. H. Shachter said in a well known shiur that if the ME lived today he wouldnt be so controversial as many authorities did and have adopted his view. –  mevaqesh Feb 10 at 1:29
I figured you were aware of his standing by your 'if you are interested' line. My comment started off as a disclaimer of sorts for others, than the achron issue popped in. The Sdei Chemed, really? I was not aware of that. Do you know off hand where? Or under what subject? –  user6591 Feb 10 at 1:36
@user6591 B"N i'll try to find it. I see it referenced on wikipeida –  mevaqesh Feb 10 at 2:31
@user6591 quoted more thoroughly here. –  mevaqesh Feb 10 at 2:33

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