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Many times I find myself davening in one Minyan while another is taking place within earshot. What is the proper way to handle such a situation (in terms of answering Amens, Kedusha, etc.)?

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In a diffrent context dealing with the same problem.Reb Ovadiah Yosef says in places like the Western Wall or very large shul where multiple Minyanim are held simultaneously that one should respond to Kedusha and answer "Amen" to the Berachot he hears. Even though he had already recited Arbit, there is no Halacha forbidding answering "Amen" or responding to Kedusha of Minha.

From Rabbi Mansour Reciting Minha When the Congregation Recites Arbit; Participating in the Congregation's Minha After One Has Recited Arbit

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