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According to the view (quoted here) that the reading of the Targum in shnaim mikro v’echod targum is to

add layers of explanation to every word

could one fulfil the mitzvo by reading the Targum of the offerings of the Princes in Parshas Naso only once? One would read the verses that contained the name of the Prince but then skip the rest of the Targum until the name of the next Prince.

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See Mishne Berurah 285:3 that even names like Reuvain and Shimon are read שנים מקרא ואחד תרגום. This is based on the Gemara Berachos 8 that even "Ataros veDivon" (city names) whose Targum does not add anything are included in the mitzva of שנים מקרא ואחד תרגום.

The parshios hanesiim clearly have the same halacha and are read in Targum.

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On a logical basis, the repetition of the pesukim is in and of itself necessary and teaches a lesson. Thus, it would appear that in order to fulfill שנים מקרא אחד תרגום one would have to do the targum for each pasuk as one does the mikre. If one were to be able to skip the targum then one would be able to skip the mikre. Another example could be Vayedaber Hashem el Moshe Laimor. You could ask the same question about that.

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