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What are the mechanics by which Tum'ah works?

  • How does one detect it, or diagnose someone as Tamei?

  • Certain materials can contract and transfer Tum'ah. Why do these material do so, but others don't?

  • How does Mikvah immersion remove Tum'ah? Why don't other immersions (ex. in non-Mikvah water) remove it?

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isn't tuma a spiritual concept? and hence undetectable by physical means. –  ray May 29 at 8:14
Then what are the spiritual means to detect it? –  Shmuel May 29 at 8:15
Follow-up: How does one interact with things that are not physical, given that our bodies, minds, and environment are all physical? –  Shmuel May 29 at 8:36
(Related questions are of similar type, not exactly about Tum'ah.) –  Shmuel May 29 at 8:42
Metaphysical reality implies that there is some kind of actual reality to the tuma, which would then allow it to be detected, that there is a spiritual "mechanism" for transferring or getting rid of tuma etc. A halachik state means that someone who meets certain halachik criteria needs to act in accordance with a set of halachos as defined by the Torah, but no that there is any reflection of a reality which has a mechanism to be detected or transferred. Basically it's just a gezeiras hakasuv –  Jewels Jun 1 at 11:41
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