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According to this article, there's an organization that wants to blast a Sefer Torah into space for safe keeping on the moon.

Are there any halachik problems regarding such an endeavour (and if so, what are they)?

(Related: Ilan Ramon (the Israeli astronaut) took a Torah with him when he went into space, but that was for his use, not for storage. Well, in theory. I don't know if he ever actually used it. )

H\T 'Moshe H'

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לא בשמים היא ?? – Shmuel May 25 '14 at 5:45

the underlying assumption here is that we need to "help" God to safeguard His torah in case the world gets destroyed or whatever reason. This runs contrary to lots of Jewish hashkafa, such as that God is in control of the world, etc., and the world is headed for redemption, resurrection, etc.

Based on that, I think it's a big waste of a kosher sefer torah and a big waste of money.

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