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I have a blind relative who can no longer see properly and needs a clear and reasonably slow recording of the chabad shacharit prayer. Does anyone know where I can find this?

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I have one made by my teacher for me – hazoriz Apr 1 at 1:23
I think I can give you a copy – hazoriz Apr 1 at 1:25
@hazoriz thanks but he passed away – ray Apr 1 at 4:59
Boruch Dayan emes – hazoriz Apr 1 at 10:59

This is a recording of all of weekday shaharit being read word-by-word by Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson: http://vimeo.com/18771198

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I suggest you ask Chabad. They may well have a recording, and if not, there may be someone willing to record it.

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I am currently working on a recording of Shacharis according to Nusach Arizal (Chabad). You inspired me. It should be on Youtube sometime and I'll give a link here when it's done. :)

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Hi rey and sorry about your blind relative. It must be hard to be unable to see. I suggest that you might look at www.770live.com. They have a live recording (I think?) 24/7 of the inside of the 770 Chabad shul and you can listen to their Shacharis there if you log on early enough in the morning (it shouldn't be too early.) Keep in mind that the people who run the website however are most likely Messianists based on what I've read on their site regarding the Rebbe. But that shouldn't matter if all your looking at is the live broadcast on the homepage. :)

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ok thanks...... – ray Mar 31 at 20:25
The Chazzan doesn't daven out loud the whole davening – Shmuel Brin Mar 31 at 20:31
True, but I mean it's better than anything else I could find. Which wasn't anything. ;) – Ezra Hoerster Mar 31 at 20:40

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