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Recently the private diary of Rav Kook was published; diaries of other Rabbis have also been published posthumously. Is there any halachic problem with publishing these documents, and, if there is, is there any halachic problem with reading them once they are published?

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I can't fathom that there should be a problem. If so, all these years of viewing Igeret Haramba"m, for example, would have made so many people sinners. I'd be curious if there is any exception if reading such letters provides halachic insight in addition to personal information. Then, again, Igeret Harmba"m was published. Sometimes, the writer dies in the middle of writing his diary before s/he specified that s/he wanted it published, but relatives or others, implicitly know his/her wishes. I surmise that in this case, it would be OK to read it. –  DanF May 15 at 16:44
@DanF I think you're responding to a different question judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/37428/… –  user5092 May 15 at 16:57
@deja-jew - Thanks. Hard to know if there are dupes, sometimes. So, I'm uncertain if this question is different that what was asked. –  DanF May 15 at 17:09
depends what's written there –  ray May 15 at 18:54

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