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The common version of the Bavli, Shabas 21 amud 1, says:

Rami bar Chama taught: Wicks and oils that the sages said we don't light with for Shabas — we don't light [the m'nora] with them in the bes hamikdash….

This was apparently the version before Rabbi Akiva Eiger, too, for he asks (in his gilyon hashas):

It's difficult for me: What did it use "oils" for? After all, in the bes hamikdash we light nothing but pure olive oil!

(Other versions of the Bavli omit "oils".)

What answers exist to Rabbi Akiva Eiger's question?

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Isn't "gilyon hashas" a proper noun? –  Double AA May 12 at 3:59
@DoubleAA, is that what he named it? I thought it was just his marginal comments. But I guess that was an assumption in my part: I don't actually know. –  msh210 May 12 at 4:02

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