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Are men and women permitted to shave pubic hair during sefira?

(Obviously only regarding a situation in that it is already permitted for the subject to shave his/her pubic hair during the year)

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Men are not permitted, by most authorities, to shave pubic hair - year-round. Sorry, I don't remember the sources, maybe a Rabbi here could point them out for us. –  Ploni Almoni May 9 at 0:23
see judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/30299/… for the answer to that problem –  Tzvi May 9 at 13:18

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The rule applies to hair anywhere on the body (Nit'e Gavriel, Pesach volume 3, chapter 49, paragraph 2, page 279; see that chapter for exceptions, but pubic hair is explicitly not excepted).

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