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On days when Tachnun is said, gently strike the left side of your chest (over the heart) with a closed fist at the words חטאנו and פעשנו. (from Kehot)

How should a left handed person wearing t'fillin on his right hand strike his chest? Should he use his left hand, or the right one even though he is wearing t'fillin on it?

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Why do you suspect tefillin would matter? – Double AA May 1 '14 at 17:44
the same as it matters regarding tachnum – preferred May 1 '14 at 19:34

Here it quotes in the name of Kuntres Ish Itair 51, that it is dependent upon anatomy, which means a left handed person uses the right hand. He is talking about "Ashamnu" which only some Nusachos ever say with Tefillin on, so it isn't explicit that Tefillin doesn't change the consideration.

Here it specifically addresses Slach Lanu (#27) and says that the right hand is used. The top of the page indicates that most of the rulings there follow the p'sak of R' Chaim Kanievsky. T'fillin are not mentioned explicitly.

Although Tefillin are not explicitly mentioned it would be quite an oversight to not mention it, as that is almost always said (by men) with Tefillin on, and I have observed lefties doing just that.

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What side does someone with Situs inversus bang

Since it is an explicit statement to bang the left side of the chest with the right hand, it should not matter whether or not one is wearing teffilin on the right hand.

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