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In my chassan classes I was taught that it is important to have relations on the night a wife returns tahor from the mikvah. I do not know the source of this idea. My question is: May the couple choose to forgo relations on mikvah night for any reason, out of convenience?

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I've been taught the same about the importance of that night, and also been taught that one shouldn't delay going to the mikvah for convenience, but I haven't heard an answer to your question. –  Monica Cellio May 1 at 14:13
highgly related judaism.stackexchange.com/q/17437/759 –  Double AA May 1 at 14:15
@DoubleAA I gave an example that is similar but the question is really about any type of inconvenience, such as if they are tired etc. –  user5092 May 1 at 14:20
This may not be 100% dupe, but it's oh, so close. judaism.stackexchange.com/q/25831/5 –  Seth J May 1 at 17:38
if the wife is mochel i dont think there is a chiyuv of ona –  ray May 1 at 18:24

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