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I once saw Rav Hirsch make a passing reference to black slavery in America in his Collected Writings, but no longer remember where. Does anyone know where this might be?

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The belief of our people in the Redeeming One inspired other oppressed people to have faith in eventual salvation. For example, Rabbi Hirsch mentions that this faith in eventual salvation gave “hope to the black slave in the plantation” (The Hirsch Haggadah, page 265). Rabbi Hirsch may have been aware that the slaves on plantations in the United States drew hope from the story of Israel’s liberation from bondage. In fact, one of their popular spirituals was “Go Down Moses” – a song based on the Passover story. The following is a stanza from this song: “Go down, Moses, way down in Egypt's land; Tell ol' Pharaoh, Let my people go!”

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AFAIK the Hirsch Haggadah is a posthumous compilation, so if anyone has an earlier source... –  yitznewton Apr 30 at 13:52
I learned that song growing up - I never knew its choshiveh origins! –  YeZ Apr 30 at 21:13

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