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shemot 6:6-7 reads the famous quote for the Pesach cups. But what's the actual difference between deliver (natzal) and redeem (ga'al)?

take away from a problem? and remove the problem?

Please help me out here ?

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How about padah and hoshia? – Ypnypn Apr 29 '14 at 19:37
The Maharal discusses the 4 expressions as removing 4 different levels.. It's in his haggada - don't have it to hand, sorry. – Zvi Jan 14 '15 at 23:37
It's 'Hitzil', not 'Natzal'. – ephraim helfgot Jan 3 at 1:32
@ephraimhelfgot No, the OP is right. The Shoresh is נ.צ.ל. In Hifil forms, the Nun drops and there is a Dagesh Chazak in the Ayin-HaPoal. Consider how Nafal conjugates to Hippil. – Double AA Jan 5 at 2:16

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