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We picked up some halibut for Pesach directly from the packer. This fish has not had the skin removed. The box clearly was sealed with the O-K. But my wife was uncomfortable that we could not find the scales on the skins and identify that this is in fact a Kosher fish. Since the Mashgiach is Yotzei v'Nichnas and not Timidi, we would like to verify the skin itself has scales. Has anyone seen them? How can we be satisfied that this fish is in fact Kosher under the circumstances?

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From Wikipedia

Halibut are dark brown on the top side with an off-white underbelly and have very small scales invisible to the naked eye embedded in their skin.

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See Tif'eres Yisra'el (Avoda Zara, Bo'az 2:3) for a discussion of the kashrus of fish whose scales are not visible to the unaided eye: והתורה אמר לנו רק לסמוך על הדבר הנראה בלי זכוכית... וכן אנו רואין קשקשים קטנים בזכוכית המגדיל, וכי ס"ד להתירו ח"ו משום זה. ע"כ יפה כתבו רבותינו שישתקע הדבר ולא יאמר התירו. (Interestingly, the T"Y discusses this incident ad loc.). – Fred Apr 29 '14 at 21:45
@Fred, the source of that Wikipedia statement seems to imply that the scales are not microscopic, just buried in the skin. – Yishai Apr 29 '14 at 22:11
yes, I saw this wikipedia article. But not visible to the naked eye. Does that not raise flags? If I cannot see the scales the question of the Tif'eres Yisroel pops out at me! and further searching leads me to lean to @Yishai view, so back to my question, I have the skin in the frig, can I scrape it and find the scales? – Dr.YSG Apr 30 '14 at 19:07
@Dr.YSG Aruch HaShulchan (YD 83:15):יש מיני דגים טהורים שקשקשיהם דקים מאד ואינם ניכרים ולכן אם כרכוהו בבגד או נתנו אותו בכלי מלא מים ונמצאו קשקשים מותר... וכן אם העמידו הדג נגד השמש ורואין בו קשקשים קטנים מותר אמנם בראיה בעלמא אינו מועיל לפי מה שנתבאר דצריך שיהא ביכולת לקולפן. The A"H suggests finding hard-to-see scales by examining if you can see scales slough off into water or onto a cloth. He also suggests looking in sunlight but adds that seeing scales on a fish isn't enough if you don't know if the fish is a kosher type, as the scales must be of a type that can be readily scraped off. – Fred May 1 '14 at 17:13

from Kashrut.com

There are two ways to identify a kosher fish:

1 - By removing a kosher scale from the skin. 2 - By recognizing the fish as being from a kosher species. One can only recognize a fish species if the skin is still intact. It is generally impossible, even for a “maven”, to identify fish without skin.

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