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what is the mesorah for the artscoll ashkenaz siddur? Is this the same nusach ashkenaz that was used in previous generations?

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just curious, are there different ashkenaz nusachs today? –  ray Apr 29 at 13:18
@ray, there are certainly variances in terms of placement of commas (Retzeh in Shemoneh 'Esreh contains a prominent case), certain wording (differences in Birkath HaShanim and VeLaMalshinim are prominent), etc. I've also seen probably a dozen versions of Pitum HaKetoreth, for example. –  Seth J Apr 29 at 14:10
There have always been different versions and adjustments made in every new siddur. –  Double AA Apr 29 at 14:12
The forword/preface for the ArtScroll Siddur has a good discusssion on this. –  Dennis Apr 29 at 15:14
The ArtScroll siddur differs slightly from the Nusach Ashkenaz siddur from opensiddur.org, but that's actually to be expected, because ArtScroll uses Polish customs, while the Siddur Sefas Yisroel is Germanic. –  Scimonster Apr 29 at 20:35

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