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Which Sefer or Sefarim is/are used in practical application of Shechita? General Halacha follows the שלחן ערוך, but does it in all areas?

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In America, the custom is as the custom of Europe -- to use the sefer שמלה חדשה, written by Rabbi Alexander Sender Schorr, aka תבואת שור\בכור שור, even though on occasion he will disagree with the שלחן ערוך.
(see מטה אשר [commentary to שמלה חדשה] in 1:4, especially what he quotes from the דרכי תשובה)

It should be noted, though, that the custom in Israel is to use the בית דוד.

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All of Europe had the same custom? –  Double AA Apr 28 at 5:27
@DoubleAA See the מטה שאר in the link, he says that this is the custom in Russia, Galicia, and הגר (Hungary?)...sounds like a good chunk of Europe to me. My rebbi made it sound like all of it had this custom. –  Shokhet Apr 28 at 6:02
הגר is Hungary –  Shokhet May 16 at 5:15
Just for the record I got my Kabbala in Israel and reviewing the Simla CHadash once every 30 days was a condition. Also Rabbi Waldman who re-printed the Simla Chadasha lived/worked in Israel so I would say it's the prevalent custom in Israel as well. –  eramm Sep 9 at 14:46
@eramm Good to know I'm not the only shochet (or almost!) around here....I just wrote what I heard about EY, not that I heard it from an authoritative source.....if you can source the practice in EY one way or the other, I would definitely upvote that answer :) –  Shokhet Sep 9 at 16:07

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