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In Ki Tetze we learn that If one has two wives and the firstborn is of the hated wife, he still gets the double portion.

On this commandment, the commentary in the Artscroll Chumash notes that the Or Hachayim says that in the case of Leah and Rachel, Leah was the "hated" wife so God let her have children first to endear her.

Why then, does the firstborn of the loved wife (Yosef) get the two portions if one is not supposed to favor the loved wife over the hated wife?

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He lost those rights and Yaakov Avinu gave the double portion to Yosefes two sons –  sam Apr 28 at 0:44
See the Daas Zekainim –  sam Apr 28 at 0:45
ahh. So That explains why Reuben is no longer the bechor, but there are two other bechors born before Yosef: Gad & Dan! –  Clint Eastwood Apr 28 at 1:28

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