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Which electric shavers are halakhically acceptable for shaving a man's beard?

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According to this article from the Zomet Institute, even unaltered "lift-and-cut" shavers are permitted lechatechila.

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Please note that there is a potential Torah prohibition here. As always on mi.yodeya, please ask a reputable Orthodox rabbi.

There is a variety of opinions on this matter but the range seems to be from "there is no such thing as a kosher shaver" to "there is no kosher 'out of the box' shaver currently being sold." According to the latter view, however, Norelco Lift-and-Cut shavers can be modified after purchase to be halachically usable.

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It seems the range includes a number of shavers 'out of the box' that are completely fine. See the very links included in this answer for the details. – Curiouser Aug 5 '11 at 18:49
Also, see Vram's answer. – Double AA Feb 13 '12 at 4:57

There is a site dedicated to explaining how to make a Norelco "lift and cut" shaver acceptable for use (http://www.koshershaver.org). In their FAQs they quote R' Dovid Feinstein as ruling that no other brands currently on the market are acceptable without modification.

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There are now a new range of Norelco/Philips shavers which are kosher out of the box. Check the Kosher Shaver website mentioned above for more details. – user4523 Nov 28 '13 at 14:52

Here is an informative article regarding the Norelco/Phillips Lift and Cut shavers written some time ago by Rabbi Gil Student. Needless to say, from the Zomet article and from the Hirhurim article, it is clear that it is not clear that Lift and Cut is the big problem others may have you believe.

Also, recently I was informed that Rav Fuerst, of Chicago, holds that the Norelco lift and cut system is not a problem.

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