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I have heard that, recently, some publishers who reprint old sefarim remove some haskamot (approbations) from the book when they reprint it.

(Specifically, I heard that some Israeli chareidi publishers remove the haskamot of R' Kook and other Zionist rabbis whom they disagree with.)

  • Is this true?
  • If it is, are there any halachot regarding leaving in the original haskamot when one reprints a book?
    • Perhaps they are now misrepresenting the book, or showing disgrace to the works of rabbi, or similar?
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1) Yes 2) No 2a) Not really, nobody reads those things anyways –  Tatpurusha Apr 27 at 22:32
@Tatpurusha It may very well be that most people don't read the content of the haskamot, but very frequently they check who gave a haskama, and so I think there that removing one that previously appears because of a specific rabbi's political affiliation or opinion are very reasonable grounds for being considered disgracing or slandering that rabbi. –  Jewels Apr 28 at 6:50

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