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I am a female student from the UK interested in conversion to Judaism, and I have decided I want to convert in Israel under a recognized and reputable authority. For about 4 or 5 years I have been living as a Noahide; I was raised Christian, but have altogether left the religion.

In the UK, after contacting Batei Din (all run centrally by the London Beth Din- all are UK BD or under its auspices) I have been told that, due to time constraints and the amount of study required, conversion to Judaism will have to be postponed until I complete my 4-year degree, unless I drop my studies altogether.

I have consequently decided to explore conversion in Israel. I have already identified a potential programme: Machon Meir/Ora. I have already contacted them to inquire, and the rabbi in charge of it seems very nice and welcoming of my situation.

Has anyone heard of their programme or studied at their yeshiva or know of anyone that has undertaken conversion there? In general, is there any added benefit to undertake a conversion in Israel? Are there other options or programmes that a potential convert should consider?

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The Jewish world of today is complicated, and it is difficult to orient. Making my own way was much eased by direct experiences and dialogues with different people. Basing my view on this premise, I would take a trip to go there and to speak with them (Orah, or any other person you feel connected to or you think you will feel connected to). I would also suggest to search for a Rabbi you will trust to guide you. Also, you may be interested to contact people like the author of this blog or others like it. – Yarden Apr 24 '14 at 23:31
Thank you very much for your response. I myself have been reading that blog for a few years now, and I indeed find it very helpful. I really do want to visit Machon Ora, and I think I will do so during holidays in my first year of university. In terms of rabbis, I am going to find a United Synagogue rabbi to talk to about conversion, however I've been in contact with a rabbi from the local Chabad; he has been helpful, but he has said he would not be involved in the conversion process when/if I were to begin it...Right now I am reading To Be A Jew by Rabbi Donin to guide me in my observance. – paradiddlepad Apr 29 '14 at 15:38

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