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Almond Breeze is described by its manufacturer (Blue Diamond) as being "dairy free [and] made on heated equipment also used for dairy products". The manufacturer also "uses stringent equipment cleaning and testing procedures to ensure that products made on dairy equipment are dairy-free". (source)

Per Sephardi halakhah, would this product description categorize "Almond Breeze" as being "Noten Ta'am bar Noten Ta'am" and therefore permissible immediately after eating meat?

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Why Sephardim specifically? Is there a relevant difference between Sephardim and Ashkenazim as regards this question? –  Double AA Apr 23 at 23:53
While an answer citing a non-Sepharadi poseq would be educational, a Sepharadi pesaq would be more relevant to me personally. –  Lee Apr 24 at 6:55
So you're asking for Pesak. –  Seth J May 4 at 3:01
I'm not asking someone to personally provide me with a heter or issur; but, I would appreciate having Sepharadi sources on the matter. –  Lee May 4 at 17:56

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