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I've heard when cleaning for Pesach that chometz that is less than the size of a kezayis isn't significant enough to be considered chometz. I am talking only concerning chometz which one isn't eating on Pesach but may see. Is this a true idea?

This question comes up certainly with cleaning one's car because there is always small crumbs found in the car and it is physically impossible to get it out. So is chometz less than a kezayis a problem after one has nullified all one's chometz?

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Beitzah 2a ShA OC 442:7-8 Aruch Hashulchan ad loc It's a problem if all the crumbs are in the same 'room'. –  Double AA Apr 10 at 1:08
"The size of a kezayis" lol –  Double AA Apr 10 at 4:27

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