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Can I sell my chametz via eBAY? I have no expectation that I want to buy it back. I would pack it and ship it before Pesach, so it's definitely not in my posession during Pesach. Is this problematic as there is a "built-in" eBAY policy that the buyer may return any product that he is unhappy with?

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Imagine if someone returns it to you and it shows up during Pesach! –  Tatpurusha Apr 7 at 18:32
The buyer may be a Jew ,so that can be a problem –  sam Apr 7 at 19:52
It has to be a halachic sale and ebay probably does not fulfill all the requirements. At the very least, it would have to arrive at the buyer before Pesach so that he can acquire it as he does not acquire it until after he actually gets it and picks it up with the intent. If it does not arrive before Pesach, you still own it. –  sabbahillel Apr 8 at 2:48
Related: Chabad have a website where you can sell your chametz online. ( chabadorg.clhosting.org/holidays/passover/sell_chometz_cdo/site/… ) I have not looked into this, but at least according to them, it may be possible to sell your Chametz via eBay, especially if you're going to actually ship it. (However, shipping it is interesting, since it's unclear (\I don't remember) at which point the buyer would "take possession" of it - when it's paid, shipped, or arrives.) –  Shmuel Apr 14 at 2:59

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