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Where was Noach buried? (or, do we know?)

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R' Yehosef Schwartz, in his Tevuos HaAretz (composed in the 1840s), writes (translation from here):

Twenty-five miles southeast of Baal-bek is the village Sachala, where the inhabitants point out a monument, which they allege to mark the grave of Noah. That, however, but little faith can be placed in such like popular legends, will appear from the fact that also in the land of Armenia, in the vicinity of Mount Dshudi (the Ararat of Gen. 8:4), on which the ark rested at the flood, they also point out an alleged grave of Noah. But other similar examples can be cited to prove the credulity of the people in giving currency to unauthenticated legends.

So we probably don't really know for certain.

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Wow, I would not know where to begin to look for an answer to that question – Y.Stahl Oct 27 '10 at 2:44

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