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Bereishis 41:51

כי נשני אלהים את כל עמלי ואת כל בית אבי

God has caused me to forget all my toil and all my father's house

Devarim 25:19

תמחה את זכר עמלק מתחת השמים לא תשכח

Erase the memory of Amalek... do not forget

There seem to be two words that mean "forget" - is there a difference in nuance between the two? What does each mean?

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Whose translation is this? –  Double AA Mar 31 at 4:47
have u seen the malbim and other commentaries on bereishis 41:51? –  ray Mar 31 at 6:42
@DoubleAA Rabbi YEZ. But a similar one can be found in Artscroll and on Chabad.com. R' Hirsch points out that it is a valid translation, but rejects it for contextual reasons. (I'm assuming you were asking about translating נשני, and were trying to say "who explains נשני that way?") –  YEZ Mar 31 at 12:47
I have heard from Rabbi Uziel Milevsky zt'l that there are no exact synonyms in hebrew. so according to that, yes there must be some difference in meaning –  ray Mar 31 at 13:06
@ray There is no Malbim on Bereishis 41:51. R' Hirsch does not explain the verse with נשני meaning forgetting. Didn't notice anyone in the Mikraos Gedolos, but I didn't flip through the whole thing. –  YEZ Mar 31 at 17:38

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