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Say I have a pot that I used for beef soup. Then an hour later I forgot I used the pot for meat and I decide to make soup with cheese. I throw the cheese in it and put it on the fire. About 5 seconds later I remember I used it for meat. What is the Halacha, does the pot need to be kashered, and what is the Halacha regarding the cheese.

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@doubleaa beta.hebrewbooks.org/tursa.aspx?a=yd_x4307 –  sam Mar 23 at 17:04
I think the correct answer is CYLOR. –  Seth J Mar 23 at 20:47
what temperature did the pot become? could be only the pot needs to be kashered. i think we assume the blia is inside the walls of the pot uniformly so the part in contact with fire could have heated enough. –  ray Apr 29 at 13:09

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