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ב"ה I know one isnt allowed to eat after Shkiah on Shabbos. But what about a weekday? For instance what if one started a meal right before shkiah or during bein hashmoshis? My question is prompted from the halacha that one may not eat before praying Maariv. However with that said I do know of a leniency one can take where one says Shema and appoints a shomer to pray Maariv later. But in this scenario does he have to stop his meal at Tzeis HaKochavim (which is presumably when the time for saying Shema begins) and appoint a shomer? Of course all of this applies one has prayed mincha already.

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Note the poskim who discuss the difference made if the regular maariv minyon is later. For example, someone who normally goes to the 10 o'clock minyan or whose normal maariv minyon is after the night shiur. – sabbahillel Mar 21 '14 at 13:16

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