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Rav Hai Gaon in תשובות הגאונים החדשות, מהד' עמנואל סי' קטו, עמ' 125 states that there are books which contain the practical kabbalistic methods for achieving k'fitzat hadereh (miraculous speedy travel)

ודבר ברור ומפורסם לאנשי ספרד ומסורת בידם מאבותיהם כי מר נטרונאי גאון ז"ל בקפיצת הדרך בא אליהם מבבל ורבץ תורה וחזר וכי לא הלך בשיירא ולא נראה בדרך. וכמה ספרים מצויין אצלינו כתוב בהם מהשמות וכמה שמות מלאכים וצורת חותמות ואומ' הרוצה לעשות כך והרוצה להגיע לכך יכתוב כך וכך כמו זה על כך וכך ויעשה כך ויתקיים לו המעשה

I would like to know what exactly those instructions are. Meaning the names and symbols which need to be written and in what order etc.

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I would not play around with that,anyhow the seforim that contain them are purposely out of order because one needs to receive it from a Rebbi – sam Mar 14 '14 at 15:00
@sam can you elaborate? Why would you not 'play around' with this? From where do you know that such information needs to be conveyed through a Rabbi? – user5092 Mar 14 '14 at 15:07
It is a big mistake to think that Kabbalah is mechanical. It is about a connection with G-d. So first and foremost one has to be a holy person worthy of such miracles, then such techniques can work. Without that pre-requisite, nothing is going to happen. – Yishai Mar 14 '14 at 15:50
@Yishai lol, I have zero intention of actually trying something like this. I'm just curious about the content. – user5092 Mar 14 '14 at 15:59
Not sure why this was downvoted; it's a cool question. I have no idea what R' Hai Gaon was referring to. – Shimon bM Mar 14 '14 at 23:30

I regret to inform you that the above text was not authored by Hai Gaon and that Rav Hai z"l never discussed such subjects. Instead, the writings which attribute later qabbalistic ideas to him are forgeries. This has been confirmed in a variety of ways. You may look into the matter yourself fairly easily. [See this question, answer, and attendant comments for a good place to start].

As for your question, there is no such thing. This was a legendary teaching that was never actually achieved by anyone. There is however, a mention of qefiSath ha-areS in b.Sanhedrin 95a with regard to three individuals and in y.Ma`aser Sheni 5:2 regarding a shepherd, the concept being mentioned here is midrashic and not literal. These incidents are meant to convey teachings about ereS yisra'el (among other things) and not literally a mystical transportation. In fact, the actual phrase qefiSath ha-derekh appears nowhere in any of these texts.

Hope this was of some help.

Kol tuv.

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