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Judaism asserts that a human being is a composite of a body and a spiritual soul (see Talmud Sanhedrin 91b for example).

Is there any way to prove the existence of the soul?

Either by deducing from observation or through some kind of logical proof.

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Rav Desssler Mih'tav me Eliahou second volume second part. Enjoy.Patrick –  Davidovici Patrick Mar 11 at 12:20

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It depends what level of proof you are looking for. If you mean irrefutable proof, I don't think you will find as much. If you mean indications, here are a few:

The verse in Koheles (8:1) says

חכמת אדם תאיר פניו

a man's wisdom lights up his face. This has been understood (see, for example, here) to refer to that which there is a light in a person's face, which comes from his Neshama, and when the person dies, there is a noticeable ashening of the face as a result of the departure of the Neshama.

Similarly, the Maharal (Derech HaChaim ch. 3) explains the Gemara in Shabbos 151b:

ר' שמעון בן אלעזר אומר תינוק בן יומו חי אין צריך לשומרו מן החולדה ומן העכברים אבל עוג מלך הבשן מת צריך לשומרו מן החולדה ומן העכברים

A one day old baby does not need to be guarded from weasels and mice, but [the giant] Og king of Bashan, dead, does need to be guarded from weasels and mice

that this natural fear animals have of man, which ends with his death, comes from the G-dly spark (the soul) within the person.

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thank you. was looking more for some kind of proof. but your point of wisdom lighting up the face is very interesting. –  ray Mar 11 at 19:51
These two bits of evidence (which are much the same) say something changes on death, i.e. that there is a property called "life". I think most people who say there is no soul will agree to that. –  msh210 Mar 11 at 20:16
@msh210 The fact that there is life does not explain why the face darkens compared to the rest of the body. And it does not explain how biological processes would cause animals to stay away. Of course, science will not now throw up its hands in defeat, but there is no obvious explanation. My disclaimer was that I do not believe there is absolute proof to such a thing. –  YEZ Mar 11 at 20:20
@msh210 and although they are similar in indicating the presence of something, they point to very different things through different mechanisms. –  YEZ Mar 11 at 20:22

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