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I have a set of dairy dishes that have not been used for three years. I want to change them to meat dishes. Is this halachically permissible, and if so what procedure is required?

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nathan, welcome to Mi Yodeya! Please note that the community here cannot offer personalized professional advice. I recommend that you take your question about what you can do with your dishes to your rabbi. If you are interested in learning about how these laws work in general, I recommend that you edit your question to be along those lines. Unrelated: Please check out Purim - Mi Yodeya?! –  Isaac Moses Mar 10 at 17:10
Hi nathan. While Isaac was leaving that comment I was editing your question. If you object to anything I did you are welcome to roll back or edit further. I'm trying to put the question in a form that we can answer; as Isaac said, we can't give personal advice, but we can point you at relevant halacha. –  Monica Cellio Mar 10 at 17:12

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