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Consider the following situation: Someone has a website that publishes original research. The articles contain links and the article itself can be reached via a link. The maintainer of the open website makes part of his/her living by web traffic to the site. The articles are lengthy/editorialized and contain at times harsh judgments against Jews and non-Jews.

My question is in three parts:

a) Say someone reads the article and tweets (140 characters or less) facts from the article and links within the article but does not link to the article itself. Is your obligation to cite your sources ("I learned in the name of Rav xxx that ...") fulfilled by citing the name of your source but not the link itself?

b) No usage terms are stated, but there is a copyright notice below each article. Do I when reading the article agree to a contract that the maintainer can invoke to demand that

  • either one links to the site if one uses the information
  • or that one cannot use any facts of the site at all if one does not agree to link back.

c) If one uses the information in a), but does not link back, but voluntarily gives a donation, is one considered a thief?


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