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Why can't we drink wine that was made by a non Jew but was made from beginning to end by machine? Needless to say that according to the Gemara that it is only yayin nesech, if the non Jew makes An actual libation with it. Even if you want to call it yayin Stam, according to the Gemara it's only yayin Stam if the non Jew touches it after all the wine has been stored in the barrel to ferment. Since before it is put in the barrel it is unfit to drink or be used for a libation.

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Who said we can't drink it? –  Double AA Mar 5 at 16:38
I've learned the laws of yayin nesech with a winery mashgiach; if a non-Jew presses a button on a machine that causes wine to flow, it may be non-kosher. –  Ypnypn Mar 5 at 18:04
But he didn't make a libation over the wine so it doesn't render it nesech! –  David Feigen Mar 5 at 18:26
Can you cite this Gemara and where it is brought down by later halakhists? –  Double AA Mar 5 at 18:41
It's in מסכת עבודה זרה and it's in פרק רבי ישמעל אומר although I will find the exact quote. And I'm not sure about the later halakists. –  David Feigen Mar 6 at 0:33

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