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The prayer Lecha Dodi was composed in the 16th century which is relatively recent as the general Nusach of prayer was founded between 516 BCE – 70 CE by the Anshei K'neset Hagdolah, and its rare that everyone, ~2000 years later, adds a set prayer (not counting Piyutim - poems - on holidays) to the service.

What was so appealing about it? Why did almost every community add Lecha Dodi to Kabalat Shabbos?

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sharshi, welcome to Mi Yodeya, and thanks for posting this very interesting question! It would be even more valuable if you'd edit in your source for whatever you already know about Lecha Dodi's history. I hope you'll look around the site and find other material you resonate with, perhaps including our 42 other shabbat-songs questions. –  Isaac Moses Mar 5 at 16:20
This book - Sefer Kabalas Shabbos Upizmon Lcha Dodi delves into your question. I am unable to find my copy at the moment. –  Gershon Gold Mar 5 at 17:23
hashgacha from upstairs –  ray Mar 5 at 18:55
People don't have work on Friday night. –  Double AA Mar 5 at 19:10
Finally, Lecha Dodi wasn't universally accepted. See here: judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/13713/… –  Shmuel Apr 13 at 23:51

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