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I have heard la'briut and gezuntheit, and a Sephardic (Lebanese) Jew recently taught me 'tai-shi'.

What are other words or phrases which are used to respond when someone sneezes?

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I was taught to say “asusa” (אסותא), from the Aramaic word for “health”. (אסיא = doctor)

לבריאות labriut and געזונטהייט gezuntheit (or צום געזונט tzum gezunt) mean the same thing—“to health!” in Hebrew and Yiddish.

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In the interest of collecting more sneeze-responses, I'll add that the Rambam (Hil. Talmud Torah 4:9) indicates that one says 'רפואה', though his source is the Tosefta Shabbos 8:2 where our version reads 'מרפא'. (It's all the same idea, referring to health)

In the interest of interesting things, there's a book published on the halachos of sneezing, which this Maariv news article thought was noteworthy (or at least funny).

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