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I'm tracking down the "triennial pericopes" (sidrot) from the introduction to Ginsburg's massorah, also listed in the Jewish Encyclopedia, and thus I have the beginning and ending verses, but I'd like to find the titles or names traditionally used for them.

I'm assuming a table of names must exist like the (now dominant) Babylonian yearly parashiyot (annual pericopes) have titles Bereshit, Noach, Lekh Lekha, etc. The first significant words are not as obvious, and sometimes would collide with existing ones in the sidrot in some cases (Gen 2:4, 3:22, 5:1, 8:1, 8:15, 9:18). Gen. 9:18 is especially hard to choose significant words.

The source of the list I'm working with is said to be based on a manuscript from Yemen, with 167 sidrot, but I cannot find the original text, which I had hoped might include names/catch words by which to call them. I understand that in Eretz Yisrael the custom was to read through Torah twice in 7 years, so I'd also be glad to find a table of the division in 175 pericopes.

This related question has some interesting information and links.

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