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The expression Or LaGoyim is thrown around a lot, but generally it means that we have a duty to be good ambassadors for G-d.

But what if we're tired, or we're in a hurry, or we're just not in an outgoing mood?

Do we have a right to just keep our heads down and keep to ourselves?

I'm specifically not asking about situations of danger to life or where one is being excessively harassed or insulted.  Just for no particular reason.  Someone needs a tire changed, or a stranger approaches you with a question about your Kippah.  Do we ever have a right, under normal circumstances, to decline to be an Or LaGoyim or attempt* a Kiddush HaShem?

*I say attempt a Kiddush HaShem for two reasons:  1) You never know if your actions will result in a Kiddush HaShem.  2) By declining, you may in fact be creating a Hillul HaShem, but you may never know if that is the case.

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Although I agree with the general sentiment of your post, I think sometimes the bigger picture is relevant. Perhaps someone works hard to be an ambassador in one context, and needs to relax in others, for example, to be his best overall. This reminded me of a Rabbi Gottlieb shiur once, maybe it was this one audio.simpletoremember.com/gottlieb/PsychologicalNeeds.mp3 –  Eliyahu Feb 27 at 22:32
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