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I have seen quoted that in the newspaper of Agudas Yisroel, Rebbi Meir Shapira printed an article named Prague and Pressburg and their differing approaches.

Does anyone have a copy or can link me a copy of the article?

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still need a source please –  rabbi Feb 20 at 13:27

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Sefer HaYovel which was published in honor of HaRav Meir Shapiro Zatzal while he was still alive has the entire article.

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thanx a million - excuse the question but how did you find it –  rabbi Feb 20 at 14:50
Siyata Dishmaya –  Gershon Gold Feb 20 at 14:52
may you have much further syata dishmaya - cheilcho leoraiysa –  rabbi Feb 20 at 15:00

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