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Is the dictum of safek dioraisa l'chumrah (and its inverse safek d'rabanan l'kulah) a principle from the Torah, or a din d'rabanan? How does this change how we react in these sefeikah situations?

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Machloket Rambam vs Rashba. Don't know how it would change how we react; they both agree it is a rule. –  Double AA Feb 19 at 19:27
I'd think that if safek d'oray'sa l'chumra mid'oray'sa then even a s'fek s'feka would be l'chumra, since it's still a safek d'oray'sa — unless the source for safek l'chumra explicitly excludes s'fek s'feka. –  msh210 Feb 19 at 21:27
There's a שב שמעתתא on this - proving that ספק דאורייתא לחומרא is דרבנן. There are various Sugyos that say "since when is a Safek obligated from the Torah". No time for a full answer - it's an entire shiur. –  Danny Schoemann Feb 24 at 13:21

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