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A man or a lady were ill and a name was added to their previous name. Would there be a need to write a new Kesuba? Is the Halacha the same by a man who has an added name as by a woman who has an added name? (sources)

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From Dinonline.org:

The Question:

If someone is lo aleinu sick and adds a name to his existing name does he have to have written a new Kasubah?


The Iggros Moshe (Choshen Mishpat 2:70:2) writes that if a person is not called by his new name, one does not write a new kesubah after a name was added due to illness. This is also the ruling given by Shut Ohel Avraham 67.

If the new name is used, a new kesubah should be written (according to the principles of writing a new kesubah (with the words “after a new name was added), after thirty days of the new name being used (see Minchas Yitzchak 10:132; the principle of waiting thirty days is based on the ruling of the Noda Biyhuda EH 88; see see Chasam Sofer 6:41).

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