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Unfortunately, the Talmud and other writings have been subject to censorship since their completion. These alterations seem still to be present in many modern editions of the Talmud.

Why aren't these censored pieces of Torah added back in to all editions, now that we know of them? Are there any published editions of the Talmud that still contain the authentic, unadulterated texts, (as far as we know them)?

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In the sefer Halachically Speaking, he writes that one can make a siyum on a tractate even if he doesn't learn the censored parts, since HaShem let it happen. –  Ypnypn Feb 7 at 19:54
Interesting, I had wondered if Divine Providence was a factor, thanks! Would that in turn be a reason we didn't add these pieces back in to the Talmud? Seems like Gd tooketh away, and Gd giveth back, if you will. –  Baby Seal Feb 7 at 19:58
It could mess up pagination and definitely would mess up layout. –  Shmuel Brin Feb 7 at 20:27
@ShmuelBrin What good is a layout if you aren't learning the right book? –  Double AA Feb 7 at 21:04
@DoubleAA the differences are so slight that you might as well use a "side book". It's probably the same reason that the Hagaos HaBach and HaGaos HaGra didn't make it into the actual text –  Shmuel Brin Feb 7 at 21:19
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See Chazon Ish (igros vol 3 michtav 2) who claims that no mistake can ever befall the unchangeable torah. if a change occurred it was heavenly divined and must be respected. I wonder if the Chazon Ish would claim a similar logic regarding the censors?!

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how can the "unchageable torah" be changed in a manner which is to be respected??? –  Double AA Feb 11 at 21:51
see chazon ish inside. some of the fancy guys here will manage to link it somehow –  rabbi Feb 11 at 21:53
LOL I think moderators should be called 'fancy guys' from now on. I really appreciate this source. Thank you! I think that, as far as this question goes, It needs bit of follow through to arrive at a point. You end your answer with uncertainty. Could you perhaps formulate it with a little more confidence, and with a more clear addressing of what the Chazon Ish would say about passages that were removed and re-added? –  Baby Seal Feb 11 at 22:10
i'm a bit short of time, and i'm hoping that if the chazon ish gets inked, it will be apparent –  rabbi Feb 11 at 22:17
hebrewbooks only has vol. 2 ): –  Baby Seal Feb 12 at 0:08
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