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Which Rabbonim give a semicha based on a written test (as opposed to requiring one to complete a program under them)? Are they only on Basar Bechalav and Ta'aruvos, only on Shabbos, only on Niddah or on all three?

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Rav Nechemia Goldberg,I am assuming Rabbanut –  sam Feb 7 at 3:05
There is no advantage one way or the other,some semichas are looked upon better then others irrelevant if its harder or not, –  sam Feb 7 at 3:07
Pirchei Shoshanim is a very hard semicha program(written tests) but it is not as famous as other semichas –  sam Feb 7 at 3:10
"only on Basar Bechalav, only on Shabbos, only on Niddah or on all three"? Doesn't standard s'micha include also taaruvos? –  msh210 Feb 7 at 8:14
Yes. I edited to reflect that –  Ish Ploni ViKohen Feb 7 at 10:41

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